7 Easy Ways to Bust Your Dog's Boredom

Sep 21 , 2022

7 Easy Ways to Bust Your Dog's Boredom

Is your dog misbehaving for no apparent reason? One of the possible major reasons is boredom.

Boredom in dogs is seen in different behavioral patterns. For example, some dogs bark continuously, others destructively bite or chew on everything they see, and some are engaged in digging activities. 

These signs of boredom not only make a great mess in your home, but they can also cause injury to your lovely furry buddy.

Don’t worry, there are many ways to get your dogs out of boredom:



toys to Bust Your Dog's Boredom

Many animal-like toys (cats, ducks, and dogs) are available in the market, which can help stimulate your dog’s hunting abilities. 

A buster cube with multiple treats can also be placed in your dog’s house or playing area. A buster cube is an ingenious toy used for simulating and activating your dog’s senses during play and feed time. 

Some large-sized balls or mineral mixture based bone materials can help reduce your dog’s boredom, too.


Play hide and seek

You can hide your dog’s favorite treat and let him find it. Once he does, give him a nice pet and additional treats as a reward.

You can also play hide and seek with your dog as how you normally would with children. Dogs have good searching abilities and this activity will hone their skills more. Plus, it’s lovely to have games with your dog to develop a stronger bond.

Tug of war

Tug of war not just strengthens your dog’s stamina, but it also serves as an excellent exercise for you. This game is also good for your dog’s physical and mental health. Invite dog owners with their furry buddies to play with you.

Just make sure to create a fun game with toys, music, and happy energy to avoid triggering your dog’s aggressiveness during playtime.

Practice obedient training sessions

Practice obedient training sessions to Bust Your Dog's Boredom

For a mental workout, have obedient training sessions with your dogs every morning. This will set their good mood for the day.

You’ll be surprised at how great the results could be in the long-term since your dogs will become more obedient as before. That way, they won’t get too restless every time they get bored, and they will listen to your every command.

You can also purchase a clicker trainer to communicate clearer with your dog. Dogs pay extra attention to sounds and this tool can help.


Teach your dog to help you with your daily routine

Who says humans are the only ones who can help you with your chores? You can teach your dog simple household commands like putting the clothes in the laundry basket, placing his toys back in the storage, bringing you a can of soda from the fridge, or fetching the newspaper.

This is a good mental exercise, with an added perk for you.

Allow your dog to socialize

Humans are not the only ones who need socializing, but dogs too. For a few times a week, take your dogs outside or bring them to a park where they can play with other pets. 

Lack of socialization can make your dog either aggressive or too shy when around with other dogs or animals. This can eventually lead to unwanted or destructive behaviors if not solved early.

Introduce new places to your dog

Introduce new places to your dog to Bust Your Dog's Boredom

Just like humans, dogs also get excited when they are exposed to new places. The new ambiance, sounds, attractions, and lights make your dog happy. This can also help boost their socialization skills so they won’t easily get terrified of unfamiliar noises, or get nervous about visiting a new place.