Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for People With Allergies and Asthma

Aug 10 , 2022

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds for People With Allergies and Asthma

Achoo! Do you love dogs buy you’re suffering from allergies or asthma? Don’t worry because there are dog breeds that are right for you. And they’re called “hypoallergenic dog breeds.”

What is a hypoallergenic dog?

Hypoallergenic dogs are the type of breeds that don’t shed fur or shed very little. They are perfect for those who have allergies but still want to have a pooch companion.

Benefits of having a hypoallergenic dog

  • They have hair instead of furs which makes them low shedders
  • Their hairs spread less dander at home
  • Your house will need less cleaning routine and your furniture are fur-free
  • They require minimal grooming
  • They are suitable as everyone’s pet

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds 

Considering adopting a hypoallergenic dog? Then these are the perfect breeds for you to choose from:

Yorkshire terrier

hypoallergenic dog breeds

These tiny fluffs or fur balls are full of enthusiasm and energy. Yorkies are great for active owners and for small spaces like apartments.

  • Personality: active, high-spirited, energetic



hypoallergenic dog breeds

They are fluffy, small dogs that look like cotton balls. Even though they have fluffy furs, they don’t shed a lot. Toy Maltese is very popular because of their adorable features and the tendency to live up to 14 years old.

  • Personality: gentle, playful, charming


Brussels Griffon

hypoallergenic dog breeds

Are classified as toy dog breeds that don’t shed a lot. They are also known for their cartoon-like huge head and small body. Their cartoon-like faces and expressive eyes make them cute and popular with kids. They are also affectionate dogs that love to be walked.

  • Personality: affectionate, alert, loyal


Shih Tzu

hypoallergenic dog breeds

This breed originated from China. They’re famous for their small height with huge personality.

Even though they belong to dogs that don’t shed a lot, they are high-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Their long, beautiful hair needs to be brushed daily with regular trims.

Shih Tzus are perfect for small spaces. They are also active and playful, and love daily walks. They are calm and friendly by nature, which makes them perfect playmates and companions for kids.

  • Personality: playful, outgoing, friendly


Norwich Terrier

hypoallergenic dog breeds

They have waterproof, fuzzy furs that don’t shed too much. They are English dogs originally bred to help catch foxes and keep rats away from farm sheds.

Their tiny size allows them to get into fox dens to drive the foxes away easily.

Norwich Terrier has sharp eyes and an active personality. They will do great outdoors but are also suitable indoors to stay with their owners.

  • Personality: affectionate, alert, curious


Scottish Terrier

hypoallergenic dog breeds

An ideal, smaller dog, Scottish Terriers only require trimming twice a year. So they are low-maintenance breeds.

They can be quite stubborn sometimes, but they are still loyal dogs with a long lifespan and strong health.

  • Personality: confident and independent


Italian Greyhound

hypoallergenic dog breeds

They are a graceful breed with sleek hairs that don’t shed a lot. Their furs only need to be rubbed by a towel in order to keep them shiny. Italian Greyhounds come in different colors.

They are contented without the backyard which makes them good small house pets. However, since they don’t have a lot of hair, they are not suitable for cold climates.

  • Personality: playful, alert, sensitive


Lakeland Terrier

hypoallergenic dog breeds

They’re bred to assist farmers to help eliminate foxes and pesky rats. They are confident and energetic dogs that want to be active throughout the day.

They don’t need a lot of grooming as they don’t shed too much.

Lakeland Terriers are loyal, attentive, and protective of their family and home.

  • Personality: bold, protective, confident



hypoallergenic dog breeds

A very popular breed, poodles come in a variety of sizes such as miniature poodle, toy poodle, and standard poodle.

Poodles need regular clipping for their charming curly hair, but they don’t shed a lot at all.

They are known for their cleverness, intelligence, and attentiveness. Poodles are also perfect pets or companions for those who have a lot of time to spend since they always want to be in your company rather than being left alone. Lastly, they live longer too.

  • Personality: active, attentive, very smart


Lagotto Romagnolo

hypoallergenic dog breeds

This dog breed is highly popular in Sweden. They are high maintenance and need regular grooming and trimming. Even so, they barely shed.

Lagotto Romagnolos are highly active dogs that are very sociable and friendly. That’s why they make as wonderful family dogs.

  • Personality: friendly, undemanding, enthusiastic


Irish Terrier

hypoallergenic dog breeds

This breed has wiry, tough hairs that barely shed and are easy to maintain. Irish Terriers are easy to train and good for children.

They are also bred for hunting and need frequent daily walks. So they are fitting for those whole like to be active.

  • Personality: bold, adventurous, kindhearted


Standard Schnauzer

hypoallergenic dog breeds

This breed is known to be intelligent and loyal. They love to play and be with their owners most of the time.

Miniature schnauzers are suitable for indoor dogs. And they need regular haircuts since their fur easily gets long. Despite that, they are one of the breeds that don’t shed a lot.

  • Personality: fearless, smart, lively


Portuguese Water Dog

hypoallergenic dog breeds

They are active and lively dogs that love to play in the water. Their webbed feet and strong build make them good natural swimmers.

Portuguese Water Dogs are considered to be working dogs that are dependable for their loyalty and obedience.

  • Personality: adventurous, athletic

No matter the breed, dogs always provide unconditional love and joy to everyone around them. But to better enjoy the companionship of dogs without the allergy triggers, these hypoallergenic dog breeds are the best ones to start with.